Crew offers live music on Thursday nights with The Mudds, our resident jazz and blues talent.



Indoors and out, Crew is the perfect place for that special occasion.



“Crew, the Bar, features numerous memorable original art pieces including Lea Fisher’s Self-Portrait 1988”


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View the full calendar of events taking place at the bar, with parties, weekly wine tastings, jazz/blues and trivia nights!

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• Get an Expresso, Latte, Cappuccino – Is that Here or To Go? • Pick up a case of beer for your boat trip. We’ll ice your cooler if you bring it! • Stop in and use the Wi-Fi, charge your phone, send an Email – Pretend to be at the Office! Client exchange, head a meeting, hold court. • Meet your Crew for happy hour. “HELLO CREW?” Call ahead to hold a six top table for your CREW right from work, boating, sports, and that family outing. “YA’LL ARE WELCOME!” Let us host a private function for you and 45 of your compadres out on our patio for free!