Get to know Crew

A little more about Crew the Bar!

Drinks & Snacks

Drinks – Our menu is simple, upscale choices, familiar brands, and fresh offerings. Familiarity goes a long way- like in that refreshing glass of beer, or a soothing sip of wine after a busy day. So, we rely on the representatives from our primary alcohol distributors, Great Bay (Budweiser) Distributing and Southern Glazer Wine and Spirits to bring us the current choices in entertainment beverages. Frankly, we know how to service the table, share in the conversation and make you feel comfortable, but they know how to set it. Stop in today for some comfortable favorites like a Bud Lite, or try something new, like Bon & VIV Spiked Seltzer, which is big on flavor and calorie free. Our wine list will improve over time, as we learn our client’s pallets and engage in favoritism of our regulars.

Secure Wi-FI at Crew

Free Secure Wi-Fi – You work remote, ahem, at home. You’ve been there for 4 days in a row, and needing a change of scenery. Or, you need an off-site location to meet your client, vendor, associate? Crew will turn down the radio, so you can make that daytime conference call; or turn the radio up, so you can securely communicate via webinar or email. We’re here to support you, your team and our collective success.

Meet your crew

Meet Your Crew – Our place is an event center, entertainment venue, second home, and place to get lost. We are a community center, where your friends, co-workers, bosses, kids, kid’s friends, team members, dogs (on the patio), grandmas, extended family members and neighbors can all find a place at the table. We have tall tables, short tables, long tables and a bar, a plethora of places to gather. If you are bringing a crew that might need extra room, let us know we will set up a reserve table sign with your name on it.

Event Planning

Planned Activities – This one is simple – Each week we bring the best to the middle and end of the week entertainment. Wednesday is Wine Tasting Night 6-8, try something new for a change. Thursday is Live Music Night with Betsy and Sam, The Mudds, 7-9 and Friday is Live Trivia with Aaron Katzker 6:30-8:30. Sunday is our Patio Tailgater, complete with the 6,000 Lumen Projector and the King Size Sheet on the wall to watch the game. The Mudds will be with us in October, November and December at 7pm to round out your day of TV, come by and anchor a seat. That is gonna be a good time, hot dogs and all.