Life is Art

Pull up a Chair, Take a Sip and Smile

Crew the Bar is home to some very talented contemporary artists – some of these works you interact with, such as the logo; others you walk through, like the architectural design; others are designed to site and enjoy and with others incorporate an interactive experience. This is a very unique place, as here you are confronted by every facet of art – Well, that is what make this place cool…

Our historic venue features numerous memorable original art pieces in various mediums and techniques. Including La Scala, an original 1892 French cabaret poster, matching the plat date of the building. As well as, a vintage  petroliana poster memorializing the French Priceless-Oil Company in 1920, the same year Dr. Hudson had his medical office in Chrystal River. Fun! The interior walls feature custom glass art from several artists, including Jeff Thompson , 3-Dimensional sculptures by Ancizar Marin , and a Ceramic piece by Michael Schwegmann.

Today, we are here to make some history of our own, through thoughtful well-staged designs in colorful conceptions integrated with steel, copper, water, wood, stone, brick, and canvas. The design and conceptualization of this venue is derived by Lisa Benson, Dallas, TX, Owner. The Architectural Design and Outdoor Structure is conceived, fabricated, manufactured and installed by The Fixer, Brian A. Jones, Dallas,TX. The Architectural Positioning is by Donnelly Architecture, Crystal River, FL. The marketing, logo, branding and media positioning by Image Advertising, Zephyr Cove, NV.

Spend time enjoying the artistic works, while you appreciate the artistic focal point of the Self Portraits collection by Lea Fisher. Evolving from a problematic and conflicted childhood, this intuitive artist expresses herself fearlessly and without shame in this original oil series. Fisher, a recognizable female Dallas artist in residence at the Samuel Lynne Gallery, is a talented, insightful visionary and a member of the Reflectionist Movement founded by artist, JD Miller, Patron Magazine Article.

“Each painting is a snapshot of an emotion, event or personal relationship that related to my inner world, my healing and my ultimate recovery. My hope is that these portraits inspire conversation and lead people to their own self-truths.”

Lea Fisher