Crew Events

Crew regularly offers scheduled unique activities!

Down Town Crystal River is full of exceptional dining, shopping and community services. Crew is a bit of all that, and more. Whether you are seeking the perfect place for that office meet up, a quick sandwich at lunch or that fine wine carry out. We are actively seeking and offering unique community activities like our Charity Benefit Tuesday night Drag Bingo, Friday night Live Trivia or our monthly Saturday night comedy troop. – WE ARE FUN!

Thanks to our hardworking team we provide the perfect place for association meetings, corporate events or community and political activities easily up to fifty or more guests. The Ctirus County Chamber of Commerce is a great reference to the success our centrally located and recognizable venue.

We are actively seeking new talent in Citrus County interested in making their home here at Crew. Maybe your band looking for new fans, check out amazing patio. Are you associated with a charity, club or association that can take advantage of our meeting space? We don’t charge a venue fee and our large following on Social Media is a great vehicle to reach your attendees.  Picking Crew ensures your special event will be referenced numerous times into the future.  Just Call Lisa Benson  214-212-9497